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The River Source Treatment Center - Mesa , AZ

The River Source Treatment Center drug rehab -Mesa,AZ

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About Us

The River Source Philosophy

The River Source is a residential holistic treatment center founded in 2003, offering affordable healing and hope to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We provide our clients with a unique approach to recovery by integrating both naturopathic and traditional medicine to treat the addiction. Our Sauna Detox helps to get the “bad stuff” out of the body and the Nutritional IV Therapy puts the “good stuff” back into the body. This comprehensive blend of Sauna Detox and Nutritional IV Therapy is a winning combination that makes sense and works. People are not all the same. Therefore, treatment plans cannot all be the same, and that is why we help our clients develop a new way of life by customizing a treatment program that focuses on all aspects of their personal recovery - mind, body and spirit.

 The River Source has two facilities in Arizona dedicated to serve the needs of people who suffer from: 

  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse
  • Co-occurring disorders such as depression, stress, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and many other disorders surrounding the addiction
  • Those challenged with chronic relapse
  • Pain Management
  • Spiritual Strengthening

Relapse, or the return to heavy alcohol and drug use after a long period of abstinence from alcohol and drug use, occurs often.  Research shows that more than 80% of persons treated for substance abuse relapse even after years of abstaining from drugs and or alcohol.  Whether you are seeking treatment for the first time or you have relapsed and are unable to manage your recovery, The River Source can provide you with the help that you need.  At The River Source, we know that recovery is more than just treating the symptoms of the addiction, and that is why our friendly staff and treatment team focus on the addiction along with all related and co-occuring issues (depression, codependency, anxiety, abuse and more), you may be suffering from. 

If you or a loved one is looking for treatment for any type of substance abuse we are here now to listen, answer your questions and address any of your concerns. Call The River Source today at 1-888-687-7332 or 480-827-0322 (your call is confidential). We are committed to getting you or your loved one the help they need.

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Our Location

108 E 2nd Ave Mesa, AZ 85210

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Review :

Reviewed by Rusty A.
  The River Source is an amazing organization! I couldn't be happier.  
Reviewed by Karen W
  An intervention with my family in January which included my daughter and my son is what brought me to The River Source. My husband wrote me a letter but I had wished not to hear it. I agreed to come to The River Source as I had quit drinking almost 10 days before that day so I was ready. My children did a lot of research on alcohol treatment centers that were holistic with programs promoting nutritional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being. The River Source helped me by including me into the woman’s group and getting me to see a counselor, life coach and starting me with the Doctor to work on my chronic pain. Guiding me to get involved and share myself with other by being useful and helpful when I could. My life now is me being honest with myself that I am powerless over alcohol and that my life is a mess and totally unmanageable. Faith in God has allowed me to put myself in God’s hands. I have become a calm, happy, useful person who is sober. I have not had this feeling of peace and joy for so very long. God is teaching me how to communicate on a level I have never imagined I could. Before I walked away and isolated myself. I am honest and loving and see myself with hope and happiness without alcohol and drugs. The staff was awesome everyone had their own individual personality which gave so much direction to the program. I will take away something from everyone and their story and apply it to my own recovery. Without all of you my path and the next steps 4-12 would not even be possible. Thank you  
Reviewed by Jared B
  My 13th relapse brought me The River Source. I chose this facility because I knew that it would work for me this time, if I actually applied myself and used the tools that were given to me unlike 4 months ago when I arrived here for the first time. At The River Source my experience was unlike any other facility I have ever been to. I was greeted with open arms. Everyone including the staff and the clients are all awesome. With what they offered to me when I got there, I have now got to pass it on to the new clients because I was once there and I know exactly what they are going through. I have and will continue to recommend The River Source to anyone because it has given me my life back. My father has gotten his son back, and my brother and my sister their brother back, someone that they can rely on and look up to  
Reviewed by Paul J
  I came to The River Source because I have a drinking problem. This problem has been with me for decades. River Source came up on the computer and was the first rehab to get back to me. River Source did help me by showing me I am an alcoholic and has given me a way to change my lifestyle to stay sober the rest of my life. I am happy living sober. I would recommend river source to other people with an alcohol problem. Thank you for my treatment and chance of recovery.  
Reviewed by Urriah B
  What brought me to The River Source was to get myself help. I chose The River Source because the first rehab I tried to go to didn't except me. My experience here was like a journey. The River Source helped me in many ways I wouldn't have thought of. My life now is like how I was at the younger ages in living sober. I would recommend The River Source to those who need recovery. I would like to say thank you River Source and to all staff and the clients.  
Reviewed by Megan J
  My parents brought me to The River Source. I chose it honestly because I could smoke here. My experience was good; I love most of the staff and clients here. The River Source helped me to open myself up to being sober. My life now is going an entirely new direction; I would recommend The River Source.  
Reviewed by Danielle V
  Before The River Source I was on my way to death. I didn’t care about myself or who I hurt in my addiction. I had had enough. A good friend of my mother, who is also a substance abuse counselor, highly recommended The River Source, and I am glad he did. The River Source saved my life. The tools I learned and the approach they were given to me has carved the way to a healthy life of sobriety. Thank you to the staff for everything they have done!  

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