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Penfield Recovery - Union Point , GA

Penfield Recovery drug rehab -Union Point,GA

About Us

Our Ministry Addiction is a lifestyle related health problem with biological, psychological, sociological, and spiritual dimensions. The mission and ministry of Penfield Christian Homes are to address the whole person. The biology of addiction is centered in the brain. Our brain response set by genetics determines our response to addictive chemicals. These responses determine our vulnerability to addiction. A euphoric response with our first use of alcohol or drugs will create a desire to use again. Our quantity and frequency of use increases and we develop social and psychological dependence. Eventually we become physically dependent. In this process we make choices that harm us spiritually, making us feel unworthy of love and unable to accept God's love and help. Through Christ and Christian love that broken relationship with God is restored and the biological, psychological, sociological issues are addressed utilizing best practices of the addiction profession and biblical counseling.

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1061 Mercer Circle, Union Point, GA 30669

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