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IAA Project Special Delivery - Fairbanks , AK

IAA Project Special Delivery drug rehab -Fairbanks,AK

About Us

Project Special Delivery Methadone Treatment Services In keeping with current models of harm reduction, IAA began a Methadone maintenance and detoxification service for opiate dependent individuals called Project Special Delivery (PSD) in November, 2000 PSD has been CARF Accredited since 2003. • The PSD program gives priority admission to HIV+ persons, injection drug users, and pregnant women. • PSD offers individual, family, and group counseling for consumers and their loved ones. • PSD personnel also provide case management and aftercare services. Controlled substance users, particularly injection drug users, are at greatest risk for new HIV and Hepatitis C (HCV) infections and transmissions. Education and treatment reduce and often eliminate these risks. Project Special Delivery is based on the concept of Harm Reduction. WHAT IS HARM REDUCTION? The operating principle of harm reduction is “any positive change.” The style is ego-building, not ego-breaking, and aims to increase self-esteem, self-love, and self-efficacy. Harm reduction does not mean supporting all behaviors. It recognizes that while people are judged by and accountable for their behavior, behavior must be understood within a context. Understanding the context is not the same thing as excusing certain behaviors… we remain accountable or responsible for our own behavior, but we try to understand the context in which it occurs. Understanding how, why, or when we do things can often help us figure out ways to modify or change our behavior. Research has identified factors that contribute significantly to the probability that an individual will change his or her behavior to avoid risk or harm. A person is more likely to lower his or her risk if he or she: 1. Believes that the advantage of making the change are greater than the disadvantage; 2. Has formed a strong intention to change; 3. Has the skill to perform the changed behavior; 4. Believes he/she can make the change; 5. Believes that the change will more likely produce a positive (rather than negative) emotional response; 6. Believes the new behavior is consistent with his or her self-image; 7. Perceives that there is a social support for the change; 8. Experiences no environmental barriers blocking the change.

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710 Third Ave., Fairbanks, Alaska 99701

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